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    We are trying to offer laser shows in our area.

    Things are quite confusing for us...

    I was told that in order to do shows, the operator (or primary person) needs to get a license and then the projector needs a variance and each show you need to file a variance.

    When I go to CDRH website, I see the applications for the show and projector....just nothing for the operator.

    Can somebody please help me understand what I need to do?

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    In the US, the projector needs to have a variance, because it is a product. The show also needs a variance, because (believe it or not) it also is a "product". Products need a variance. And note that if you move the show to a new location, then that new location needs a variance too because that new location is then a "new product".

    In most states, the operator themselves does not need any kind of license. But normally as part of a variance, there is wording in there to the effect that the show must be under control at all times, presumably by a trained operator.

    Note that in some states, the operator themselves also needs a license. For example, in New York, the operator needs a license.

    Of course, with all of this regulation, this explains why only 8% of Pangolin's business is in the USA...

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