Connect 2 interface QM 2000 with LD2000 ??

Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by Alelaser, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Alelaser

    Alelaser Member

    Hello, I would like to use my 2 laser independent with LD2000.
    I have 2 interface qm2000.
    How do I configure my system ?
  2. neutrino

    neutrino Well-Known Member

    Use a network hub.

    Computer/Laptop > Hub > QM2000 > Laser

    Add more QM2000s to the hub
  3. Alelaser

    Alelaser Member

    Hello, one of the interface that i have is the qm2000 OEM.
    How would it be the configuration? My computer with qm2000 OEM, link through ethernet to the other qm2000.
    In this way the software ld2000, recognizes the two interface independently. How can I do this?
  4. neutrino

    neutrino Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I just assumed you had QM200.nets
    Do you have room to put both QM2000 cards in one computer?
    If not you can use another computer and network them together. Pangolin has a piece of network software to get you up and running when going this route.

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