Control a colourbox using a FB3 ?

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    Although I suppose this is not specifically a FB3 question, FB3 is the hardware I have so I thought I'd post here.

    I have a beautiful example of a mixed gas Spectra Physics Performa, thats just shouting at me to use it.

    I bought it two years ago (A deal I couldn't refuse) but Have not had the time / money / Electrical Energy to use it.

    But, because of a deal with the devil (My wife) in which if I don't get the thing fired up before November I shall be forced to sell it.. well it's all hands on deck.

    The question is, how do I go about controlling a "old school" colour box with my FB3?

    Initially I thought perhaps I'd use DMX to control the colourbox as in my previous life working for a Laser show company this is how they changed colours on their argons (basic .. but it worked)
    But this is out, as my current 128 build of Quickshow does not support DMX (allthough teases me with cues that are DMX related) and as I understand it.. when the software supports DMX.. it won't support my USB DMX interface.

    So.. Any ideas ? am I to be manually controlling colours from another piece of software / DMX desk ? or is there a way I can tie in the analog outputs from the FB3 to actuate my GM20's.

    Hmmm, I also guess this raises the question of "how do I blank it" :p

    I know it's all solid state these days, but I'm sure some of you out there can appreciate the beauty of a Gas system.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Color box pin green + ------- Fb3 pin 6
    Color box pin green - ------ Fb3 pin 25
    Color box pin blue + -------- Fb3 pin 7
    Color box pin blue - -------- Fb3 pin 25
    Color box pin shutter + ----- Fb3 pin 13
    Color box pin shutter - ----- Fb3 pin 25

    i did that with QM32 and Laser Media color box
    should work the same with Fb3