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Hi all,
I wanted to know if there is a way to control a light console from Beyond, for example with midi or script. The console is: Showec Lampy 20, it only accepts midi and timecode, i don't want to use timecode, but recall its memories to synchronize them to the timeline in Beyond
You might want to check this out:

SelectMidi DeviceNumber

Parameters: DeviceNumber is from 1 to 4 and correspond to device number of MIDI settings dialog. Special value "-1" accepted for WaitForMIDI command only.

MidiOut do not accept this value and will ignore it.

SelectMidi 1
WaitForMidi 0xC0, 00, ANY

See also - GetMidiDeviceIndex. Function return currently selected device number

MidiOut Message, Data1, Data2
Parameters: 3 parameters, standard for MIDI, Message is value in range of 80h up to FFh. Data1 and Data2  from zero to 7Fh.