Controlling multiple lasers

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    I have set graphics to projector 1& atmospherics to projector 2
    I have a logo on projector 1 and a wave on projector 2
    I want to change the atmospheric effect and let the logo stay forever

    In a One Cue mode the laser images replace each other
    And does not let me have a logo and a wave
    In a Multi Cue the logo goes to projector 1 the wave to projector 2
    But when I want to change to a different wave it adds it to the first wave and I have 2 waves projected
    If I will change back to One cue mode – selecting a new wave is stopping the projection of the logo on projector one

    I can press the first wave again so it will disappear
    1 – Selecting the first wave and than the second wave – I get darkness
    2 - Selecting the second wave and than the first wave – I get 2 wave
    This way the transitions are not nice

    Is there a way to do it right?
    Thank you
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Right click on "one cue" and set it to 1 cue per projection zone.

    Select the second zone, and start your cue.
    De-select the second zone.

    Select the first zone and play with it.

    Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 14.14.28.png