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  1. DJ MoLoToV

    DJ MoLoToV New Member

    Hello, my name is Alain and I am just starting up my own lasershow.
    I got two Briteq Spectra 3D lasers and am using the Pagolin quickshow desinger software. They do a great job in various ways. they are connected via Ilda

    Now I got a question... how can I control both lasers that they can do different things?
    I mean, I would like one laser to draw animations on walls and stuff and would like one laser to have sheets or beams or other things...

    Do I need a second hardwarebox? Or can the software control both lasers via the one hardwarecontroller that comes with the quickshow software?

    And if so, can i get the hardware without the software?

    Thx in advance for an awnser!!!
  2. DJ MoLoToV

    DJ MoLoToV New Member

    The controller I use with the software is the FB3...
  3. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Alain,

    You will indeed need a second FB3. QuickShow can handle up to 9 controllers at the same time.
    All our laser control hardware comes with QuickShow, Its a bundled product. So for every laser that you want to control individual, you will need another "QuickShow".

    Let us know if there are more questions!