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  1. tgsign

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    Is it possible to convert a 3d Blender files to Laser Designer???

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  2. decix

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    Most likely not, I do not know any application that can convert 3D-CAD formats to real 3D-ILDA (I'd really like to have something like that :D).
    What can be done is rendering a 3D-animation into a sequence of 2D-ILDAs.
    Pangolin currently supports MAXON CINEMA4D and AUTODESK 3DSMax with rendering plugins. Many great shows were produced this way.
    If you have produced animations in Blender and are able to export to a format that CINEMA4D can read I might help you to convert that.
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  3. masterpj

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    Might be a quite delayed response and an old post but I'll answer it anyway incase someone sees this and has the same question.

    As a matter in fact you can... but don't expect it will go flawless.
    from Blender export to .fbx format.
    I recommend using the latest version of blender as the .fbx output doesn't cause 3ds max to crash.
    (the older versions of blender make the chance higher that 3ds max can crash)

    Geometry might be corrupt or textures incorrect, but at least it comes close to what you want. ;)

    I hope this answers your question.