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  1. giprofet

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    Hello, I have to save the frame QuickShow in size .ild to integrate them into SDmemory. How can I do?
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    To quote the Man upstairs (who signs my pay check :D)

    "Note that the ILDA file format itself is nearly 25 years old (and I know, since I was technical committee chairman during its inception and development) and yet, QS is only a few years old.

    When you load a file into QuickShow, we embed many more things into the data to ensure consistent playback and expected results. The additional data includes things having to do with color, playback rate, scan speed, and other display-related things. None of these are included in the ILDA file format.

    To give you the quickest answer possible, it is that we consider the ILDA file format to be obsolete. It has caused a lot of people problems insomuch as giving unexpected results (for example, with color, scan speed, etc.). Pangolin must support what is now more than 22,000 clients. If many clients have problems caused by the ILDA file format, then it is a lot of phone calls and emails that we must answer caused by the inadequacies of a file format that isn't even our format in the first place.

    For this reason, we do not support exporting to the ILDA format."
  3. Pangolin

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    Hi Giprofet,

    I am apparently "the man upstairs" =)

    If you are using the word "SD card" euphemistically to refer to removable media, and, more importantly if that removable media plugs into and out of Pangolin hardware, then you can use QuickShow to export cues to our own native file format. So there is an answer for clients wanting to build show materials in QuickShow and then play it back on other Pangolin hardware -- just not generic hardware, where the show material would undoubtedly look far different from what you built in QuickShow.

    Although our LDS format used by LD2000 and the rest of our software is also an older format, we had the foresight to build in datafields that would take us and the rest of the industry far into the future. Our format includes face-related data, complete color-related data, complete scan-rate-related data (including the ability for the scan rate to change many times per "frame", security-related data, scaling data, and many other factors not included in the ILDA format.

    Best regards,

    William Benner