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Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by Larry, May 31, 2003.

  1. Larry

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    I have a copper vapor system with two STP-8 actuators to change from green to yellow. I can not seem to get the actuators to respond properly. I have wired them to the green and yellow pins on the DB25 and grounded the (-) input since these have a single ended input. I train the pallette with all 0 on the pallete except the primary green and yellow for which I set 100 on the corresponding color. When I then activate say a red frame I would think that neither actuator should be active but I am getting what looks like pulses to the green channel. Also when I put a solid green image the green actuator is still pulsing instead of solid. Are the signals from the QM2000 pulsed in any way?
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Larry,

    Yes, the color outputs are definitely pulsed!!! because the system normally assumes that blanking and color are accomplished using the same device. What you can try, is to train the palette using "slow actuator colors" and then CAREFULLY follow the directions on the last pane of the Wizard that tells you how to hook things up, etc.

    The LD2000 system was really designed for the ILDA ISP standard, which nominally includes "fast color" such as PCAOM or direct modulated laser diodes. Under a narrow set of circumstances, it can also control actuated color such as those from old laser media projectors, but this is only a narrow set of circumstances (such as, that it is really and truly a laser media projector). Still, you may be able to "fake it" if you follow the directions in the color training wizard to the nth degree...

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    Hello Bill,

    could you please explain, why color and blanking outputs are pulsed when showing a solid (non blanked) drawing?
    From my point of view, pulsing only causes loss of output laser power, because there is always a time when the beam is blanked. How can I turn off this behaviour? I am using a PCAOM system as well as a directly modulatated DPSS. If I put a power meter in front of the output, I do not have full power. The more points I draw, the more power I get, because relation of on-time and the (not necessary) off-time is getting better.
    Please remember that I am talking about solid / closed figures.

    Best regards,

  4. Laser Dude

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    I noticed this same behavior with Galvo blanking of a single color frame, and I believe this behavior is due to the "Blank points between tracks" setting. At the end of drawing the frame, the QM2000 will insert blank points before drawing the frame on the next track. If you are using only one track, I think it will still insert those blank points before redrawing the frame.

    Laser Dude
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    i think you can solve the problem with a RC network and schmidt trigger in each color channel but you add a delay between color change. and the color control change to on/off (TTL control)
  6. Pangolin

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    You might try going through the color training wizard, and then select Slow Actuator Colors. This may do what you want since you indeed do have slow actuators that are controlling the colors...