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    I am fairly new to Beyond. So far I am loving the software.
    I have several timeline shows that I have put together consisting of several "scenes" or Modules. Is there a way to copy or Cut a grouping of cues across multiple tracks, and paste it into a new timeline show. For instance, to isolate individual songs into standalone shows?

    I would want all of the associated timing and effects information to carry forward to the new show.

    I have captured individual looks into a cue. And I have saved a whole show to a cue. But I would like to be able to open the captured "Show" in timeline to edit and modify it for other projects.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

  2. White-Light

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    Hi Brian,

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're trying to achieve.

    However, you can copy and paste multiple events in the time line:

    Click to select a single event whilst holding the shift button down and select all the additional events by left clicking on them (still holding shift), then release shift and right click over one of the final selection and select "copy event" from the drop down menu. You can then paste into another place on the timeline.

    I can't remember off the top if you need to select multiple lines if you've copied over multiple lines. However, it's good practice to select the same area to paste to as you've copied from in terms of tracks, effect lines etc.

    If you want to run individual shows back to back, that's what the Playlist is for and far simpler than trying to place shows back to back in the timeline.
  3. Bpanther18

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    Thanks white light.

    I have figured out how to copy single events and paste them again later in the timeline. Its quick helpful to to do that.

    What I am really looking to do. is to break up existing timeline shows into separate modules or songs, basically, copy or cut the information and paste it into a new timeline show which consists of the single module or song.

    My plan for future projects that needed those modules was to play back in playlist.

    I hope this better explains what I am trying to do.
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I just tested what you are after and it takes the same steps as copying the items around in the same show. Just highlight the events, copy, open the new show tab, and paste them in... :cool:
  5. Hektek

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    I'm trying to do the opposite, but am having problems. I have several different timeline shows (songs) that I want to copy and paste into one long timeline. They were built with different Workspaces. So when I copy from one timeline tab and paste into another tab the effects show up on the timeline but the imagery frames are wrong.

    You can Copy Content for one selection at a time to get the frames, or you can select all the parts and copy and paste but you don't get the correct frames. You should be able to just Select All and copy and paste from one timeline tab to the other.
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  6. ENOT

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    Hi Guys,

    This is relatively complex area. The result depend on relation between Event and Content. Right now there is a limitation, in fact a few limitations.

    About Event and Content. There are 3 variants

    1. Event contain Cue/Content. In this case no one problems with moving between shows, saving to file, and so on. Main concern - memory, and duplicates.

    2. Event point on Cue from Workspace. It save memory, but create question when to save the timeline to file (timelime make a local copy). Otherwise, when you will load such timeline it will create a conflicts between cues in workspace and timeline cues that should be in workspace.

    3. Event point on Timeline Cue List. Cue List in fact is a local workspace of Timeline. Not exactly, but... both are containers of cue. This approach is better than #2. The limit - BEYOND currently want not merge Cue lists and re-index Events. This is what required. This is know things, and there are a few questions that must be solved before working on Cue List. During some period of time BEYOND will have this limitation. Thanks for understanding.

    Best Regards,
  7. ENOT

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    Appeared idea how to make it (copy/paste of events that keep content in cue list / effect list). Seems like it work well. it should work in next build..