Cow wars etc.

Discussion in 'Show-ware' started by Marco, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Marco

    Marco Active Member

    Anybody who has the Cowwars show and the beamshow complete ?

    Kind regards,
    Marco Ladage
    The Netherlands
  2. funny_laser

    funny_laser Member

    Good question !
    I sponsored this project but never have seen any show :confused:

    Any news are useful.


  3. Marco

    Marco Active Member

    Ah....i sponsored the project also....never received a jam-pack..nobody replies on my emails etc. I now understand why Jam 2004 never took place...
    I those people work with their customers the way they work with their laser related friends ??? Strange behaviour.
    Sorry, but i'm a bit frustrated...spent $100,- for shipping etc. never heard a thing.
    At least Pangolin did what they promised, Bill Thanks again !!!!
    Marco :confused:
  4. GlennT

    GlennT Well-Known Member


    Yes Cow wars did seem to take a dive towards the end. But keep in mind this was a volunteer based event in an industry where we spend too much time as it is on lasers.

    I too were invloved in Cow Wars, had fun, took a lot of spare time and in the end just couldnt find anymore time to do it. I guess this is what happened to all the other artists too.

    I did have another suggestion for the Laserjam after its dissapearance and that was, each year all artists bring together their best work, even if its only a small animation, then we would make a show that was creatively put together to a sound track or two or three. It would be a show that would and should enspire the rest of the world of lasersist, maybe even bring a tear to an eye or two..if made correctly. You see the best thing about this concept is, theres no extra work in creating a script, theres no extra work making new content, all it is, is throwing together a group of "already made" animations and beam effects and making one show out of it, I think this would be great. You would see more lasersist part of it and would only take a week to put together each year. Also, the distribution of this show could spark interest of other laserists to buy animations or shows from these artists. So a section of the Laserjam web site would be a selling tool for shows.

    Anyway, I tink Ive got the Cow Wars show here and the beam show, do you still need it? If so, let me know and Ill post it on my web site email