Crash quickshow and Workspace Lost

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    Hello there,
    I use version 2.5 Build 389 QuickShow. If I save more than 14 shows with music and 9 no music in my workspace, quickshow crash and I lost my interface workspace. Can you tell me how to save and load shows with no crash ?
    When i save my 23 show with , the memory of my computer is Low...>
    75 % Work
    Have you a method for save more shows ?

    Thank you to you

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  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    In the QuickTimeline section's "File" menu there is a Save Show option. You should use this with every timeline show you make so each of your shows has its own show file as a back up and that you can move and load onto other computers.

    Please note, QuickShow is a 32 bit program and can only see/use 2 to 3 GBs of RAM. QuickShow itself uses close to a half GB with the included default workspace and shows tend to take up a lot of memory. Having 10 or so shows within the default workspace could definately push QuickShow to use most if not all of the 2 to 3GB it can use.

    I suggest deleting some of the default cues from the workspace if you are going to need all your shows in the workspace at one time. I also suggest making a custom workspace for each show, then a seperate workspace for all your shows together that has no workspace cues.
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    I understood now how works QuickShow and I separated my workspace in 3 new workspaces : Shows graphics, Shows atmospherics, and live shows. Now it works correctly ;)
    Thank you for your explanations.
    superb software :) and community :D