Create mirror buttons in the universe

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  1. minhky

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    Hello everyone.
    today is New Year's Day 2019
    Wish everyone happy new year and happiness.
    I am a beginner with Beyond so I have many problems that need your help.
    soon i have a small show laser show at a park. I want to use the features of the universe.
    I want to create mirror buttons in the universe. can you help me
    a guide video or article.
    Thanks very much.

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  2. Arcane

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    I'm interested in this too. Anyone?
  3. Bob@Pangolin

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    create a new button in Universe

    And paste the code from below into the pangoscript area of the button.

    This script will set the first 2 zones to the original state and inverts zone 3 and 4.

    // PangoScript code template
    exit // each section always should have EXIT command
    // put your code below
    ControlZone 1; 
    SizeX 100; 
    ControlZone 2; 
    SizeX 100; 
    ControlZone 3; 
    SizeX -100; 
    ControlZone 4; 
    SizeX -100;
    exit // do not remove EXIT
    // put your code below
    exit // do not remove EXIT
    // put your code below
    exit // do not remove EXIT