Create text mesage with pango script

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  1. jb0815

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    Hi guys,

    is there a possibilty to create a text message cue using Pango script instead of using QuickText (or script the Quicktext function) ?

    Or more generally, is it possible to create any cues using pango script,
    what would open the possibilty to create shows (or parts of them) dynamically ?

    Best Reagards
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    I dont believe this is possible at the moment, but ill check back with you after talking with the dev team.
  3. ENOT

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    You cannot create, but you can modify object parameters. As example, you can assign identifier to Scrolling Text object and you will allow you change the Text of this object dynamically. Take a look at "yellow tag" inside Scrolling Text editor, and at the "Object tree" window, it display all 1st level objects.

  4. jb0815

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    Modifiing Objects with Pango Script

    Hi Alexey,

    long ago you gave me this hint how to modify a scrolling text using object identifier and object tree., OK I found it, but what is the code to modify let's say the text of a scrolling text cue ?

    I tried this:

    created a scrolling text cue with an initial text let's say "initial text"
    I created an identifier for that object called "MyText1"
    I found that object with its properties by double clickingh in object tree
    I created a script with expressions like

    MyText1.Text "new text"
    MyText1.TextSize 30

    But everything ended in errors ?

    What's wrong or missing ?

    kind regards Peter
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  5. ENOT

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    Hi Peter,

    Code should be:

    MyText1.Text="new text"

    The difference is "="

    Please contact me directly and I will provide you a link to latest EXE, because I recently found a error in code, broken access to Text property of the Scrolling Text object. TextSize and other properties should work fine, I did a mistake in this field.

    Best Regards,