Creating 3D Model from Uploaded 2D Logo

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    I would like to know how I can use the extrude function within the 3D animation and modeler to create a 3D object from a traced logo frame. Basically... is there a way to take an object from the Advanced frame editor (or a simple static cue created from the Quick Trace function) and import as a 2D object in the 3D designer? Once the 2D object is in the designer, it should be easy to use the extrude function to give the object a third dimension of depth.

    Ideally, you could load a traced object directly with 3D modeler.

    I would like to start with a 2D known image and make it 3D instead of having to start from scratch. %)

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    Hello Ryan,

    I have been waiting for a response on your post too .... The only thing I can come up with, is a request to be able to import into Beyond 3D a "svg" or dxf" (2D) file. Otherwise it is really complicated, because when importing a "fbx" (3D ) file, you get a great amount of points that make my laser flicker (quite a bit).
    You would have import an image into (for example) Inkscape (freeware) and then save it as a "svg" file an then import it into Beyond 3D (that is if we could import "svg" files into B3D). From there it would be easy to extrude the image.
    However, I don't think you can import an object from the Advanced frame editor (or a simple static cue created from the Quick Trace function) in B3D.

    Best regards
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    Right now there is not a way to do that. BEYOND 3D currently allows you to import FBX files. So if you could get your outline into an FBX file (one way or another), then you can import it into B3D and manipulate it further from there.

    You can also import a background bitmap and use that as a basis on which to draw the outline in B3D. B3D does have extensive tools for drawing lines, splines, polygons, etc.
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    drawing with splines is the best.. then close it and extrude if you want 3D :)

    To make holes in objects say for like a P

    You also draw the spline for the hole beforehand and save that as a mesh.. extrude that bigger then the other object and subtract this.

    The FBX support allows you to also pick any other 3D sofware you are comfortable with and make it in there so incase you cannot get used to BEYOND 3D you still have the option to use something else.
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    Yes, Pangolin should look into this. Wanted to do this many times, making a 3D version of an already created client-logo for instance... They should ask the programmer of the Beyond 3D program to be able to use an existing Beyond frame as a curve that can be extruded afterwards.
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    Please read my post. this is already possible as long as you make sure you close a spline.
    If not look into "Plane modeling" on youtube.. it's very much the same and is not rocket science :)
    You load in a perfectly square plane (same width and height) in BEYOND 3D
    You make sure the image is aspect ratio 1:1 or make it so..
    Load the image on the plane and lower the plane with the image on it a bit.

    Then make a new plane above it and extrude the right edges and size and shrink them to.. at the end weld the vertecies if they rejoin.. then extrude and you are done.

    There is another way but this is a 3ds max feature.. where you use splines and close the object *but turn off the objects visability) then extrude it and mirror the object and weld the other side together.
    Then after that you need to tell 3ds max again what needs to be smoothed and what is a actuall new edge/surface.. that's it :)
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    @masterpj: I understand what you're trying to explain, but it is not the question asked in this thread. What we are trying to do is to simply import a 2D Beyond frame (a laserframe that was created in the Advanced Frame Editor of Beyond) into Beyond3D to be able to manipulate (extrude) it in Beyond3D. Beyond3D is not able to load or import a Beyond frame (.bfrm). This would come in very handy if say you would like to use an existing 2D frame (Beyond, QS, LD2000, ILDA...) as a basis for a Beyond3D project.