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    i have been playing with the Quick Timeline in my Quickshow version 2.0 build 294 and find it very hard to align cues to the music.

    What i miss:
    I would like to have the ability to set multiple alignments during playback of a song to identify the spots where i want to insert the cues.

    When i replay the show, i have to move the cues a lot to get things aligned. It seems that if i move something and replay a part it doesn't match even if i just performed the changes. I keep moving cues to get them to match and sometimes it works but most of the time i keep shuffling them around.

    Is there a way to more accurately place cues on the timeline to match events in the audio file? The graphic representation of the wavefile was my first guess but aligning is very difficult.

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    Did you already try to use snap lines for that? (right-click above the timeline)
    Did you also try to change the intensity "magnet" function? (the magnet symbol above the timeline. In the toolbar)


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    yes i did, i have taken a video screencapture including audio to show what i mean, just need to find a way to share it.

    maybe youtube, will see what i can do.
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    Problem cause

    Received feedback from Pangolin, isue is a know problem, has to do with underlying os audio encoding. They are aware and working on it. Suggested to try wav files instead of mp3 and if needed install k-lite code pack. Also the advise to not use win7 but try to use windows xp.

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    I have 2 questions help
    1 the fnestra preview laser simulation as the turtorial video I have seen but nn explains how to open it
    2 on the demo, there was a rumor that sent on a site where to download animated images on the version that I bought there I can give the link?
    Thank you
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    To start off when using laser software I highly advice you to turn aero.
    Because I like the aero eye candy sometimes I just made a seperate theme with aero off so I can quickly switch between the 2

    if there is one thing causing many problems with laser software then it's aero.
    even if it didn't fix your problem I still advice you to turn it off.

    if they advice you to download a codec pack
    I highly recommend you download the Windows 7 codec pack made by shark.

    Download the 32 bit version first:

    Then you can install the 64 bit version found here:

    Tell me if it worked for you.
    I use this too.

    those are download mirrors for your convenience
    but it's main site can be found here: