Creating Random Beat Script in Beyond

Hi Alexey,

As we discussed via email, I want to set up VLJ to change it's beat selection rate with every cue. I want this to occur randomly and within a preset parameter eg Every X beats where X= a number between eg. 1 and 4.

That way I can have VLJ select cues at random intervals.

I've started the basis of a script. However, I can't see the commands I need to:

a) Control the "Every X beats" parameter

b) Randomise this value between set parameters ie. X= a random beat number between y and z, where y is the lower limiter and z the upper eg in the above example 1 and 4.

Can you offer any help?

Thanks in advance.
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CodeName "Cue clicker"
WaitForTimerBeat round(randomin(1,4))
startcue Grid.PageIndex, round(randomin(1, 40))


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