Cryptic Error: Projector Settings Lost

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    Hi All,

    Last night I ran into a bizarre problem that seems to have wiped out my projector settings. Oddly, the zone configuration is still intact... just the projector settings are gone... reset back to the defaults. Up until then, no matter what workspace I opened, the existing projector (and zone) settings were preserved. Then, suddenly, *poof*. Nothing changed in the physical hardware settings, nor in any of the cable (ILDA & USB) routings.

    I have attached a screenshot of the error that has been showing up.


    Oddly, this error dialog only seems to appear when I open a workspace by double-clicking on the workspace file. When I open one through Quickshow, I don't get the error, but the projector settings are still gone.

    Kind of scary, because with my luck something like this might happen again at a show. And that would be no fun. Any ideas/suggestions/advice would be appreciated so that I can avoid this in the future.
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    Well, the problem does not seems so huge as it described. i suppose you are starting QuickShow by means of double-clicking on the workspace file? Anyway. The way it supposed to work it this. You are starting QS application from start menu, or a short cut, or from Explorer - by means of starting application. If you need to change workspace you should use menu File -> Open workspace. If this sequence of steps does not work then please contact me or anybody else from Pangolin support team.

    Regarding the lost (or not lost) settings. A way to discover the real reason is checking log files. QuickShow generate log file for each session and store in C:\QS\Logs folder (in Logs subfolder of QS directory). Each file has date and time in the name. If you experience a problem then send this file to email report at pangolin dot com together with some description of the nature of problem.

    Double clicking on data file is not implemented because of technical reason. For opening the file use corresponding menu of QuickShow software.

    Best Regards,
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    I normally open files through the File -> Open menu... just for whatever reason I opened the file via double-clicking. I wasn't aware that we aren't supposed to open the files that way since Windows made the file associations point to Quickshow. In any event, I know not to do that from now on.

    There are a fair number of log files in that directory, but they're obviously binary, since I cannot read them in a text editor to see which one might indicate a problem. Are these in a proprietary format or one that I can read with the proper software? I mean I can throw everything into a zip archive and send that, but then you'd have to slog through a whole bunch of files yourself. Figured I might be able to save you some time if I could isolate the one that seems to show errors being thrown. I can do it either way though, just let me know.

    I also see a couple of zip files in the Send_To_Pangolin folder. Probably wouldn't hurt to send those as well?
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    Thanks for response.

    Send_To_Pangolin - yes, please send all files to me. And you can delete them after that.
    Regular logs - they are in proprietary format. Windows Explorer allows to see file creation date. Please send to me log files from the day when you experienced a problem. And, let me know in what day you had a problem, it will be a hint for SendToPangolin zip files.

    Lets check out a files and see what is going on.

    Best Regards,