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  1. Aage

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    If i have two projectors running the same cue, (two LD2000 cards).
    How can i adjust the position separately? if i try to adjust the cue, both projectors go to the same place.
    I have enabled two projector zones in the cue, main gr. + projector 2.

  2. smokeAndMirrors

    smokeAndMirrors Well-Known Member

    Simplest way: duplicate the cue in the workspace, adjust the positions independently, send first cue to "main gr" and the copy to "projector 2". The create a QuickCapture cue from the pair of them. Tada!

    Has the disadvantage that you need to edit both of the source cues if you want to change the original.
  3. aricha

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    you can also duplicate the cue as smokeandmirrors said
    and than select the Multi cue mode play those two cues and you can chage size and position to any of them while the cues are on from the little icons at the bottom of each cue