Cues can´t be imported in LiveQ using Quickshow

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by class4studio, Sep 30, 2014.

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    I was working in a job with a FB3 card, LiveQ and Quickshow.

    We cannot import in LiveQ the LDS cues that was created with QuickShow.
    I don´t have too much experience with this software-hardware but looking on the manual i think we are doing everything well.

    Also i was testing with totally new frames builded from scratch, so is not a license problem ( of pictures ).
    As well i was testing the LDS files inside Showtime and runs good.

    Here you have some captures, and the files to test, please have a look, many thanks.

    Software :

    - Quickshow v2.5 Build 385

    - LiveQ v2.4 Build 863

    Due the size of the files, finally i will use DropBox link.
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I believe I opened you a trouble ticket for this issue, yes? Thank you for the files; if you would, please save the files you made in QuickShow out to the normal QS format (using the frame editor) and send those to me also. When I test this I have no issues exporting and importing frames to LiveQ.
  3. class4studio

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    I´ve been working last week in Spain and a girl that is working with me in this job wrotes to you an email, may be is what you are asking for....

    Sorry, i can´t send you more files to test because the job is over and i can´t access to the systems now.

    May be on the future, anyway, thanks for the attemption.