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    When using beyond, with the 1 cue button pressed,
    When displaying a cue, and then i push the next cue, both cues will be displayed, even though i pushed the "1 cue only" button.

    Is there a way to fix it, to where the first cue turns off, after i push the next cue??

  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Hey Carlos; it sounds like your "dynamics" transistion time got altered somehow so it is taking a long time to transition between cues. If you look under the View menu at the top of the interface you should see a listing to "Show Dynamics tab". When you enable that you should see another tab, called Dynamics, appear in the Live Controls area to the right hand side of the interface. At the bottom of that tab there is a duration selector where you can set the amount of time it takes to transition between cues.

    If something else is wrong please make sure you have the latest build installed (612). If you do not have the latest build you can request a link to the newest installer here:
  3. carlos3621

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    thanks Aaron,
    I will try that, and see if it fixes my issue.