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    This came to my mind last weekend when i did a show for the local ice skaters :)

    I had to use 3x 75 meters of ILDA cabel and a skylift on ice when i came to think of the beyond networking.

    Is it possible to set up a computer running beyond near the lasers and use the network in the arena to access beyond from another computer running beyond to trigger the stuff? Can it be used with the apc? What about the dac with the license? Should it be connected to the client or the server?

    I was testing this in the early stage, but never had to use it until now.
    I can start beyond for editing without the dac for some time after i disconnect it, but can i control the server without having the dac connected to the client and allow laser output?

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    Look into the icron / startech 2204 usb 2.0 to cat5 extender. I've been using mine for over a year now with excellent results and have seen them in use by others as well, and have personally tested with up to 6 FB3's running over a single cat6 solid cable.

    There are quite a few extenders on the market but often they have issues with the fb3, but this model works just as it should. And definitely a big time saver to not have to run big bundles of ilda, one of the best purchases of the year for me.