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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Stingray, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Stingray

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    if my computer gets damaged or if I want to use Beyond on another PC, it would be great to transfer all the settings without switching through all menues and parameter sites again.

    In LD 2000 for example, I can save the *.ini files, the pallette files and the zone file, and so, after new installation, I can restore my original system in only a few minutes.

    What about Beyond? What should I save to have nearly 100% of the settings restored on a new installed system? Is it enough to save the beyond.ini file and the complete folder "beyond\system" or are there other additional files or folders that has to be saved for making a complete backup of the settings?
    (show-files, audio files and several files like zone definitions that I export with "safe as.." are generally stored in a safe folder on my system)

    (and can I use the answer in every part also for QuickShow) ;)

  2. Tim Walsh

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    I Agree

    Good question! For example, my client wants several color palettes available on short notice. How can I save/restore this information in BEYOND?

    - Tim
  3. firstlight

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    I routinely start with a new version in a fresh directory every time there's any update and just copying over my beyond/system directory has always transferred everything I needed (though most of the time I just copy the usersettings.bdat file). With a different computer I imagine you might want the ini file as well for both Beyond and LD2000 if it's a QM system. Same thing with the color palettes. If it's Beyond with a QM board it uses your LD2000 palettes so just copy them to the LD2000 directory on the new computer. I'm not sure where the color information for the FB3s are stored but if I had to guess I'd say it was in the .beylondprojector file in the beyond system directory.
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Based on my testing you can copy the whole BEYOND folder from one computer to another (or to a drive for back up later). I suggest installing BEYOND from a set up file before dropping the back up copy into your new/restored computer.

    Tim, you should be able to save an Advanced Color System Settings file, similar to a palette, from within the projector settings, color settings, Advanced menu.