Defective Port on QM2000

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    Hi all, because i have completely forgotten my username in this forum i had to register new..... sorry about that...

    Owning four QM2000 boards i have a problem with one Board since longer time, but it get more and more worse.
    Problem ist, that Output 3 (Intensity/Blanking) will not go to zero voltage, so a single-color laser will not go off. If you measure with an analog multimeter, you can see round about 1.7V, if all lines are off. You can also measure this voltage, if you only switch on the PC.
    Now, some months further, the voltage has raised to 2.3V, so the laser is more or less on. Looking with an oscilloscope to the output shows, that he is working from this voltage to maxmum.
    All other outputs are working fine, so it looks that something has happened to this one. My idea is now to change the output amplifier chip TL084. Does it make sense, or is there another known part ... i don´t have a circuit diagram - maybe it´s possible to get it partly from Pangolin - mybe it´s secret -@

    Thanks & kind regards
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    for everyone who cares about this problem...... :D

    It was possible to repair the QM board. After changing the TL084, the outputs are working as they should. So the QM is cured and ready for the next shows.

    Best regrads
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    Glad you got it working. Probably there was a situation with bad grounds from the projector, ultimately sending voltage (perhaps up to 220V) back into teh QM2000 which blew it up. We do have protection on the QM2000, but not against very high voltages.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    I have discovered a similar problem with my QM2000 card working fine in software but not outputting the analog voltages. The card has worked for years. This winter I moved the card from an XP computer to a Win7 computer. My projectors have color intensity at max, and not galvo drive. With a known good show playing ok in the software monitor window, measuring with a scope, the X-Y outputs are steady at 0.5V, and the RGB color outputs are steady at 7V. Two different projectors behave consistently with the measured voltages. I've confirmed the projectors are working fine with another controller. The software recognizes the QM2000 card just fine and loads the drivers ok, confirmed again when I moved the QM2000 to another PCI slot. Since my output issues span multiple TL084 chips, I'm thinking there may be something more fundamental, hopefully a software switch I'm missing. Can anyone offer some suggestions?
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    I suggest performing a color pallet training in the new computer. If you see major problems in the color taining wizard then the card may need to be sent to our service center.