Deleting "dead space" at end of a show?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Stuka, Dec 9, 2008.

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    Deleting \"dead space\" at end of a show?

    Another question from someone just starting to learn to use Showtime -

    I have noticed that shows for the LD2000 often have several seconds (or longer) of "dead space" at the end of the show where no audio plays and / or no laser imagery is being generated. Is there a way to delete the "dead space" without adversely affecting the timing of the rest of the show?

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    Re: Deleting \"dead space\" at end of a show?

    Hi Randy,

    I guess that this is regarding the use of shows in Autoplay. Autoplay will automatically assign the end time of a laser show based on the last "event" in the show. But you can always edit Autoplay's values and enter your own, so that you can control when Autoplay will stop playing the show and start loading the next show.

    As for editing the show itself, sure, this is no problem. Basically, you select the last module, then the last scene, then go into that scene and look for the last event. It will normally be a "Reset Track / Frame 0" type event. If you simply move it to the left, then it will make the show stop sooner. Note that there may actually be a similar event in multiple tracks, so you have to watch out for that...

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    William Benner
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    Re: Deleting \"dead space\" at end of a show?

    TOO simple - thanks!!