Did creat this effect with MAX or C4D?

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  1. jujun

    jujun Active Member

    Hi, look this video:
    Look at the 58th second in this video. The walking effect of this girl is her hair flowing style. There are 3 minutes and 42 seconds left. The style of her legs looks like it is more like it is drawn directly with pangolin software than it is made with Max or C4d!
    I often use lcmax plug-in to do 3D effects, but the laser files I convert usually have many points, and the lines are not smooth enough, which is not as good as the effect in the video,
    Who can explain how this is done?

  2. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hi, Jujun!

    According to experienced lasers, the most beautiful, smooth animation is obtained by drawing with splines.
    Try to experiment in that direction.

    Be healthy, have a good day and beautiful content!