Differences between FB3-XE, Intro, Basic and Pro

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by Optrix, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Optrix

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    What are the differences between FB3-XE, Intro, Basic and Pro?

    I found the comparator for Intro, Basic, and Pro, however Flashback was not included. So I have no idea how it compares to the QM2000 boxes.

    I'm planning to use LivePRO... and would like to know the technical differences between FB3-XE and an Intro QM2000 board?

  2. Cyberb0b

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    The qm2000 is a pci card. Which you can place in the .net box. Which you can true an ethernet network.

    Intro, basic and pro, are the 3 software levels available, compare them here.

    The FB3 (a USB device) comes with quickshow.
    I Thought the FB3-XE was replaced by the FB3-QS. But i am not sure about that.

    But the difference, ld2000 has 6 color channels, works on ethernet, has 16bit for x and y.

    The FB3 works USB has 3 color channels, comes with simple to use software and has 12bit for x and y.

    For both systems you can buy an additional license for Livepro.
  3. Optrix

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    In terms of programing (for on the road sessions), is show creation/programing in LD2000 limited in any ways when using a FB3 rather than a 'Basic' QM2000.NET box?
  4. Stuka

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    The LD2000 applications only work with the QM2000 card (either installed directly in a PC, or through a PCI adapter box such as the QM.NET).
    "Intro, Basic, and PRO" only apply to various levels for the LD2000, not the FB3.
    The LD2000 applications willl not run with the FB3, although there are specific versions of "LivePro" available for both.

    The LD2000 / QM2000 combination is considered by most to be the premier suite for laser show creation.

    The FB3 comes with LiveQuick and QuickShow, and is geared more towards smaller live-performance gigs and some simpler show creation. The FB3 uses a USB connection.
  5. aly

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    If you need only for the LivePro, FB3 will be ok.

    But you will be limited with ther length of the USB cable (5 to 10m max!).
    Of course you can then use longer ILDA cable, but more than 50 m is not recommended.

    If you buy QM2000 Intro inside box with Ethernet connector (=QM.NET), this can extend the range into "no-limits" area (wherever Ethernet can go).