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Discussion in 'Projection lenses' started by Laseronics, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Laseronics

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    Greetings fellow Laserists,
    I just installed the Discoscan lens from Pangolin and I wanted to know if anyone has any tips and tricks for setting up a projection zone (the corners of the test pattern role off, wanted to see if someone has worked with the UGC in "projection zones" to make a nice round zone that matches the lens.

    First thing I am attempting to make is a single "beam becon" but right now the beam blanks out when nearing the corners of the projection zone...

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Kyle @ Laseronics DOT com
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    I think Peiter on PL had a good suggestion that I will try when I get a chance; use the geometric correction settings in the Projection Zone settings. I think he mentioned using the pincusion settings although keystone might work also.
  3. RGBeetje

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    discoscan 2.0

    Hey Kyle,

    I am about to get one myself, and will use it on the clubmax 3000 ( ready made for that projector )
    Coming weeks I'll be making a workspace for the lens, and upload it to the portal. It will have effects and settings for text and so forth.
    I'll keep you posted !
  4. RGBeetje

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    Hi Kyle, here is a vid on how I mount the lens. AS far as the zone's go, I'll send you a file on my discoscan settings. You need a lot of the settings to get a good image, but it works great here. On graphics and effects I can be " short" : every one works also in a Discoscan set. Just play around in the quick shape option, with the projector online..


    A beam beacon will indeed blank out a bit on the outmost edges, what I do is make the zone of the beacon a bit smaller, thatway it will not be a full 180, but a bit less...
  5. colorado_hobbyist

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    Hi, I just installed a DiscoScan 2.0 on my ClubMax 6000 FB4 and am experiencing extreme distortion on the corners when I display the test grid. Also, when projecting at approximately 120 degrees on the horizontal plane, my images skew near the edges.

    I watched the installation video provided by Gijs but the FB4 ClubMax doesn't have the same faceplate. Are there new installation instructions?
  6. colorado_hobbyist

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    I found that it didn't really matter which direction I installed the threaded adapter. I prefer the side that brings the lens closer to the aperture simply to reduce the likelihood of knocking the Discoscan into anything and breaking it.

    Also, between using the Bulge/Squeeze surface warp effect and sliding the pincushion settings around in the Geometric Correction tab, I was able to get the desired proportions.