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Discussion in 'Networking' started by Pangolin, Jan 17, 2003.

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    Hello all,

    There has recently been a flury of discussion about wireless networking with the LD2000 system. Technically speaking, the LD2000 system has supported wireless networking for most functions since version 2.20. You do not need to use PC Anywhere, or any similar software. You simply use the network version of the LD2000.DLL and a special LD2000_NETWORK.EXE program, and this will allow you to access QM2000 boards located anwhere on a network. In other words, it is possible to use a laptop with only a wireless network tranceiver, and communicate with PCs located anywhere else on the network, also using wireless network tranceivers where these PCs would have QM2000 boards installed and would also be located close to your projectors. Some basic documentation on using the LD2000 system with networks can be found in the LD2000 and QM2000 help files.

    Below you will find some information that was originally found on the Laserist or Pangolin internet list servers.

    I am using windows xp as o.s. at the moment but tried 2000 also I think older versions will not give you any trouble, except perhaps when setting up your network for the first time.

    If you have some network experience it will be no problem actually it works best if you give all your computers a fixed ip address. Now what differs is the equipment you use, I experienced with about 10 brands and I have the best results with the following stuff:

    Wlan pcmcia card: Avaya Gold or silver 11mbit wlan card USD 49.95
    Wlan accespoint: Avaya accespoint 1 about USD 350,00
    Yagi(directional)Antenna: Hyperlink technologies HG2412Y If you use point-to-point USD 49,95
    Omnidirectional antenna: Hyperlink technologies HG2412 If you use point-to-multipoint in different directions USD 69,95
    Amplifier(send and receive): Hypergain 1 watt 2.4 ghz this is enough for full 11Mbit in a radius of 1000 meters

    Don't bother to experience with 802.11a (5.3 Ghz speed 54Mbit and up) it only works well in small rooms like a small office. In most cases you do not need a accespoint or amplifier and a couple of wlan pc-cards will do (adhoc config.)

    If you don't know what you need exactly for your set up just give me a call or e-mail and I will tell you exactly where and what to order.

    As far as performance when using Showtime Live!, the "position" controls might lack some speed. With LivePro position and scale is not as smooth as with a 100Mbit cable connection.

    Hugo Bunk
    LaserImage bv

    There is a wireless system from Lucent (Orinico Wireless). I use this for my internet connection. This if "office" technology, but it can be used for long distance too (with bigger antenna). As example - distance from my PC to ISP base is ~ 2..3 km. The connection speed is 11Mbit. They also offer PCMCIA interface cards which is very good for notebooks.

    Web is http://www.orinocowireless.com

    The system works as standard network cards.

    I used the network control program for LD2000 last year in Chicago with 3 QM2000 and a Gateway laptop with very good results. It was for the Honda ATV dealers meeting at the navy peer, I had several micro yags, two 171 Ar and a 60W Lee Yag. I used the Laptop with a linksys PCMCIA wireless card and a Linksys WUSB11 interface at the Desktop with the QM2000 cards in it. I setup the network in a adhoc mode so the two computers where directly connected at 11Mbs , not to shabby. I used the set up to remotely target mirrors with the microyags that where in a truss 65feet in the air!, there where over 32 mirrors in the ring truss which was 20 feet in Dia. the mirrors where focused straight down so that when I scanned them it made a perfect "laser cage" all the way around this truss to the stage deck. I could then open and close the cage and chase the "bars" when new product was introduced.
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    If you have a computer that doesn`t support pcmcia then you will need a pcmcia to isa or pci adaptor.I have found out that not all converters will work although they look like there used the same components as other brands somehow it doesn`t work out usually.Sometimes it is written on the box that it only works with their wlan card.Anyway if you decided to go with a Lucent card like avaya or orinoco I suggest you buy your adaptor from hyperlink technology there on sale now. %) is it allowed to name brands here? :D
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    i think the best way is using windows XPs remote desktop, then you dont have to install any software on the laptop...

    im using a wireless G(54Mbs) pci card and a wireless G pcmcia card. win xp pro on both computers..they are running in ad-hoc mode with WEP disabled (this increases distance as WEP uses a lot of overhead in each packet)

    there is no lag at all !

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    Hi all,

    it's only possible to use WinXP Remote Desktop or similar program (PC Anywhere, VNC, ...) with 11mbit wireless equipment.

    If you want to use the LD2000_Network.exe wireless connections with 11Mbits are not fast enough. For LD2000_network.exe you only can use copper-networks (100mbit).

    e.g. LC Flash needs about one minute for starting via wireless connection using LD2000_network.exe.

    Maybe new wireless systems (up to 48 mbit) are fast enough, but I haven't tested 48mbit equipment, yet.

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    Hi Funky,

    We and other clients have used wireless networks with the LD2000_Network. I have never tried 11mbit, but have tried Buffalo 54mbit with pretty good results. It is not as good as a true wired network, but will get the job done for sure!!

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    Anyone use a Pocket PC to connect to Live! Via XP Pro remote desktop??
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    At the moment I only tried it true an active sync connection.But your display is really to small you keep scrolling, better is a tablet pc or some new stuff that is really portable.
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    Hey folks,
    I've running here a wireless accesspoint from US-Robotics. It's the new one with 100 MBit connection. The first tests over here were pretty good, even the distance in a theatre was impressive. about 200 metres and no problems at all.
    Notice that Us-Robotics will bring out around June an update for 125 MBit speed. :N
    Ok, you'll never reach those speeds, but it's always better than 11 MBit.

    Greetings from The Netherlands,
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    We've been experimenting with WLAN for a while now and have been using a mix of bridged Belkin 54G routers and Belkin 54G pci/pcmcia cards around the office and over short distances outside.

    As we have a large outside show coming up it's now time to upgrade and have been considering which route to take. Speed is important, we have done some tests with one of the PCI cards limited to 11meg transfer speed and found file transfers about 25% slower than 54meg. In Pangolin, everything works fine in LD and ST, we do have a slight pausing effect in Live Pro although it is also present at 54mbit but the difference isn't enough to make us buy 54mbit equipment. Just as important is signal integrity, the Belkin range are all about 15dBm which I'd not feel comfortable with in a stadium environment, it would be just my luck someone would set up office next door with a microwave oven :) so I've sourced kit that runs at 23dBm or 200mW. Incidentally, a friend has done some long range tests using 35mW with homebrew backfire antennas and managed a 14km link at 11mbit!

    After all the deliberation here's the setup we are going to end up with..

    http://www.solwise.co.uk/wireless-pcmcia.htm#11 high power pcmcia cards (although only 11mbit) for the laptops complete with enclosed 16dBi gain beams. These are quite cheap so no real loss when we upgrade to high power 54G cards and also have the prism2 chipset inside so are well supported (and work with netstumbler).

    The new pheenet 54mbit high power AP http://www.solwise.co.uk/wirelessaccesspoint.htm#118G along with a 15dB colinear.

    We tend to turn off WEP to keep overheads down but only allow connections to nominated MAC address's.