Display DMX value in Universe by using PangoScript


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I'd like to display the DMX value of specific fixture(s) or channels inside of the universe. I do not want to view everything between 1-512 only a few selected ones.

How do I do this? I want to implement it with a universe workspace of mine.

Thanks for reaching out. What about intercepting a DMX value?
Currently I have one (1) slider and x amount of buttons, each triggering a fixture. Depending on the slider, each button/fixture is given a value upon pushed. Is it possible to intercept that value somehow?

Isn't that command just waiting for a specific value to be reached, before triggering the actual event? Ideal would be to create a "Pangoscript Prototype" that intercepts the value from the slider while writing it out inside the prototype-window. But not sure that's even possible? Basically what I'm trying to achieve here is to somehow manage to see specific DMX values.

I guess the build-in DMX monitor isn't based on Pangoscript, huh?