Display for the FB3 / Parallel Ilda use

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    First at all sorry about my english.. i'm from Austria and we speak German

    Hi, i allready use QM2000 with intro and FB3 and Quickshow for a couple of clients, but now we have a Rental company who want use there Projektor for Clubbings and for Fairs..

    This is quite a bit difficould for us, because he have seen the Martin system by actros Germany and want the same in his Projektor.

    Martin is using FB3 SE and LiveQuick, and now cames the point... the have a there own display to select funtions like size and so on...

    any idea where i can get something like this, because then you never need a Laptop again for clubbings....

    Also the DMX Start address.. is there a funktion i can set the DMX Start address by remote, like a remote dip switch section... i don't want to remove the dip section from the printboard to extend it with a wire...

    the 2th case is easier (i hope so) on Fairs and bigger events they use there QM2000 with a LD2000 to run Shows and so on, so now when i add the FB3 board, i could go the russian way and just hook it on to the Ilda input --> for me no way, because i need it idiot proof, i like the martin way with there switch to select, but i still think there should be a way to leave the switch away and run it on a way i dit not found so far *gg*

    i hope you have some ideas and i think this is a great opportunity for all projector builder

    regards and keep your eyes save

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    BTW, befor u think WTF is he to Stupid to read the DMX table,,, i know that all funtions are there... but.... Stand alone, Stand alone... and you screwed...(or my clients and this falls back to me *gg* but i might have an idea..