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    While preparing for the last project, my team and I ran into a problem during a distributed scan test. Wikipedia says about this that when the load on one fb4 controller reaches 500 points, the second laser draws the residual points. When the load on the second controller reaches the same limit, the algorithm is repeated for the third, etc. In our case, we have a frame of 1200 points. If the first laser draws 500, the second 500, then the third 100. And they all work at ~ 66fps. However, we needed to achieve a higher FPS. Does the program have the ability to split content at 400 points per controller? That is, distribute points evenly across controllers, thereby increasing the overall FPS. Framing the content for each laser is not the way we are looking, since in the animation show there are frames with different locations of the points in the frame.

    I hope I was able to convey the essence of the problem and what we want to achieve.

    From Russia with love^__^

    P.S. In addition to the above, I noticed a distributed scan bug. If you change the master controller to another, then an attempt to bring content to a distributed scan group leads to endless connection and disconnection of controllers. Unplugging the cable and plugging it back in doesn't help. Setting a static ip for all controllers does not help. It is treated only by restarting the program.
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    Hi, Frol!
    Something seems to me that in this case, It will take care to connect our development to the conversation...
    I will pass this question on to him
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    Thank you so much)
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    Greetings! A second project is approaching, where we need to evenly distribute the content across several lasers. I don’t want to sound annoying, but the need to configure distributed scanning is becoming acute.
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    You can find the answer in BEYOND.INI file.


    Changing to 400 should work fine. However.... dropping the value down to 100, 200 lead to problems and basically kill the idea of distribution - you only increase the chance of variable FPS... and this is not how it supposed to be. Lower but good enough FPS give constant energy disribution.... which give stable brightness and motion.
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    Thank you very much for your answer!) I will try.
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    Guys, I'm here again! There was a new question) Is there a way to make the distribution always equal between the controllers participating in the distribution? It doesn't matter how difficult it can be. Is it possible?) That would be just fine.