DMX Chase Level Control?

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    I'm hoping to add DMX control to my Beyond setup, so it can trigger cues automatically with a show. At the same time, I also need occasional manual control of levels, or ideally chases. I realize that Beyond isn't designed to replace a light board, but I'm hoping I can get enough basic functionality to make this work.

    Things I'm trying to accomplish:

    1 - Have a DMX cue smoothly rise to a level over an amount of time, and leave it there. In "stepped" mode, it will leave it at the high level until the cue is turned off. But in "smooth" mode, it insists on taking the level back down to the Step 0 level. How do I get it to stop doing that?
    This one is a big deal for any use of DMX in cues, timeline, or live control. I just can't figure out how to use DMX practically here, since it keeps fading back down.

    2 - Multiply the DMX levels by some slider control - for example, I want a color cycle fading chase on RGB LED fixtures, and I'd like to be able to fade this chase up and down.

    3 - Possibly the solution to 2 - I've got an APC40 which I'd love to use to control the level of a chase. I imagine there's a good PangoScript way to do this - Have a slider change a global variable, and have the DMX levels in a cue multiply by that variable. Can someone help me do that?
    3b - If that works, can I similarly control the speed of a chase?

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. ENOT

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    Hi Wondergy!

    All what you talk about is a standard things of light control software. Right now BEYOND does not offer this functionality. To use PangoScript of for this might be possible, but this is complex thing. You could try, but this is not our vision of the way to control the light fixtures from BEYOND.

    I can give you some ideas for experiments. Here is script that update DMX channels and main thing - it create an object (read - fixture) that we can control externally.

    CodeName "MyFixture"
    // Autostart // unrem this line if the script should start automatically
    // StopOnBlackout // unrem this line if the script must stop when Blackout pressed
    var value

    dmxout 1, value
    dmxout 2, value
    dmxout 3, value
    dmxout 4, value
    sleep 0
    goto back

    And, you can control it from other scripts as MyFixture.value=...

    or, you may use this command:

    AnimateProp "MyFixture.value", 0,250,1000 // "variable", From, To, Duration MS

    This command will move the value form 0 to 250 during 1000 ms

    Anyway, this is just a direction for experiments.

    Best Regards,