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    I have been trying to get DMX In control of Beyond working. Is there a how-to guide I can follow?

    I have been using Artnet protocol as the DMX source (universe 0, starting DMX channel 1) and I can even see the values change via the DMX viewer, so I am thinking the inputs setups are good. However when I hit DMX in button to switch control, no joy.

    I haven't been able to find out where I may have missed a step and if there is an end to end setup guide I would be really grateful.

    Also is there is a better way, including having a "fixture" for my lighting desk??

    Thanks again
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    Hi Jason,

    There are at least five ways how to make BEYOND react on DMX.

    1. FB3-style control, see in DMX Settings. Don’t forget to set value of “Access†to maximum, it will give you 16 channels.
    2. DMX to PangoScript. Screenshot of simple example in attachment. BEYOND has many “... to PangoScriptâ€, DMX is one of them,
    3. Effect/Input based control. This allow you enable DMX control inside any effect of BEYOND. This is direct use of DMX channel as “argument†of effect, really fast to see how it works
    4. More advanced model based on “Channelsâ€. This is universal interface that can use time, DMX and audio as a source, and mix the sources. It work for effects.
    5. Effects inside Zones. Same story, but give you per-zone control.

    Of course more than that can be done with scripting, and in fact, this is one of main reasons why the script appeared in BEYOND – ability point-to-point connection. It is not friendly for starters, but at the end it should give maximum flexibility.

    OK, this is what exists right now. There are additional methods but they are in development, and a bit too soon to talk about.

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