DMX Control For Many LED Lights

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by tomcomet, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. tomcomet

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    Trying to control some LED strip lights (3 channel per LED). There are MANY LEDs and therefore I need almost all 512 channels for output. Is there a way to easily control multiple output channels (sliders) at once (lock together??). It is going to take me forever if I have to do this manually.

    Perhaps I should look at running a separate DMX app in conjunction to Pangolin. Is this wise (same laptop)? App suggestions for Enttec USB pro?

  2. ENOT

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    Thanks for good question. Currently the area of DMX fixture is under development state. We made a number of tests in this area, but this is more like internal process rather than a solution that we willing to offer for BEYOND users.

    There are indirect things that can help, but I need to know a bit more. Do you want to simplify the output or editing? Duplication of output channels is one story. Access to the editor is also possible to add, as example one slider in Universe will control N any sliders in Q-DMX tab.
  3. tomcomet

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    I just need to simply control 512 outputs easily. Each LED is RGB (3 DMX Channels). I would love to know how to lock multiple channels together so I can control them as one slider. How do I do that?
  4. ENOT

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    In build 612 that will be released soon added PangoScript command SetDmdEditorChannel . Add the slider in Universe window, and inside Script, after OnChange, add a few commands like...

    SetDmdEditorChannel 1, Value
    SetDmdEditorChannel 2, Value
    SetDmdEditorChannel 3, Value

    These command will control channels 1,2,3 of the Q-DMX tab. You can add manu DMX sliders, and control many channels.

    As soon as time will allow, we will add groups, fixtures and all relating to DMX things. Right now there are a few areas in BEYOND that must be completed and it will allow to invest time into DMX area.
  5. mumblist

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    Could you please keep me in the loop with the dmx control of beyond. I would really like to control lights and lasers from beyond.

    Id be happy to test, try and input ideas into it.

    Thanks, Tristan