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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Bob Pratl, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. Bob Pratl

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    I am new to controling projector actuators with pangolin DMX. If I am using 2 cards, does this give me 2 seperate dmx universes? I want to control my Yag projectors with one card as a scanner, and my Full Color projector with another card as a different scanner. Will this work?
  2. Plasma Drive

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    Using two cards does not give you two DMX universes.. or is that universi? anyway... You just set them to start at different addresses and you can control them seperately from the one DMX output.
  3. Plasma Drive

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    You Know.. I just re-read this post. When I replied I was thinking you were asking about the decoding cards and not the Pangolin cards.

    If you meant the Pangolin cards, I don't know that answer for sure. I have never tried it.
  4. James23

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    As far as having two DMX universes with two cards i don't believe it works that way, however you can control two different scanners with two cards. I also believe that you can control up to 16 dmx controled devices with 8 on port A and 8 on port B in showtime. I have a system with three scan sets and use only one pangolin card and one dmx decoder to run them all. I do use two pangolin cards to do my programing and recording.