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  1. match

    match New Member

    Playing the program in the order of Cue01 Cue02 by DMX.
    Often,Cue01 will return at the beginning during playing.
    (The playing time of the Cue01 is 3:30,and Cue02 is 2:00.)

    Is there a solution ?

    #English is not my native language, so please bear with my mistakes.
  2. Firepeet

    Firepeet Member

    Please can you give more information?
    Are you using Virtiul LJ, if yes, how are these settings?
    Is Toggle active, or Restart? One Cue or multi Cue?
    Can you send screenshots of your problem?
  3. match

    match New Member

    Thanks for your response!

    Not using Virtual LJ. And using as a File01.

    Toggle is active,and Cue is One Cue.

    Screenshot of problem is File02.
    Moving from Q to W by DMX when Q exited.
  4. must be keystroke from dmx translator