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    With 12 FX lights (varying from 1-6 channels) we end up with 200-300 "Preprogrammed" FXs and its hard to identify each one even with long descriptive names. It is annoying finding specific one's as they all have same DMX Cue Picture:


    You can see how painful it is having a page full of these images and finding the right ones.

    We need to have pictures for visual representation of the Lighting FXs, how can I do this?

    Its become critical for show control. I am hoping its as simple as recording tiny video's and exporting them into animated GIFs and setting the DMX Cue Backgrounds, pretty much the same as the animations on laser cues.


    It would be good to have the option to specify animated gifs for laser cues aswell, here is an example where I was playing with coloured mirrors and targets. For someone new to the show it would be easy to miss this cue related to mirror action as it would appear as a sequence of targets:


    If this is not currently possible thank you for your consideration..
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    Thank you for the suggestion(s). Our developers will review this, but if it was added anywhere, it would be considered a "professional feature" and would be added in BEYOND, not QuickShow.
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    1 make a DMX cue
    2 make a Quick Text cue that represent the DMX cue
    3 go to Quick Capture drag the DMX cue than drag the text cue and than drag the preview window of the Quick Capture to a new cue

    make sure that the text is going to a zone that is going nowhere
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    Very nice suggestion! :cool: