DMX dongle is sticking

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    I know this may not pertain to your certain issue but i am in need of assistance on this matter asap. I create, design, edit etc etc. the laser light shows for Desoto Caverns Family Fun Park in Alabama and we have run into a problem. We have 2 computers that have the exact same software of Lasershow Designer Quickshow Version 2.5, Build 378. I spent all night last night fixing one problem where all of our music somehow got deleted from the shows and wouldn't play when we clicked the cues. However now that I have it set up to where one computer works, I saved the workspace and put it on a flashdrive then transferred it to the other computer, the other computer is having a new problem. The sound works, but as soon as our DMX lights or our DMX water fountains are cued to turn on they will turn on and stay on and not turn off until I exit the program. I have restarted the computer with no avail. What can I do to fix this problem??
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    Please update your QuickShow to build 389 from this link,, and test.

    If you still have a problem, take a small video of what you are experiencing and send me a link to the uploaded video. Also, please take a screen shot of the DMX sequence you have created and I would like a copy of the files you are working with; specifically the file with the DMX sequence so I can try to reproduce the problem. If it is occuring when you are just triggering the DMX cue, create a new workspace (to remove all the laser content) save the DMX sequence to a cue and then save the DMX cue workspace to send it to me. If it only occurs when the DMX cues are in a show, then send me the show.

    Can you advise if the same DMX "issue" is occuring on both computers, or just the one you moved the workspace to?