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  1. rinyassink

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    Hi there overseas,

    I am from the Netherlands and I have a boring problem.

    I am trying to trigger a que in Quickshow out of Sweetlight. But it's going wrong.

    The Enttec dmx interface works well and I see the signals in the dmx monitor.
    The dmx button in the menu is on. The channals ( in my case 4 ) are the same in Sweetlight and Quickshow. In this case

    236 value 50 (= 4 channels)
    237 value 20 (= page 2 )
    238 value 37 (= que 2 )
    239 value 128 (= 100% speed)

    The problem is, that only the pages changes by changing the values ( cahnnel 237)

    I can't choose a cue ( channel 238) and notting is triggering for showing the que.

    Is there anybody to help me.

    I would be very greatful for this help.

    With kindly regards from the Netherlands.
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Are you using the same Starting DMX Channel in both QuickShow and Sweetlight?

    In Quickshow's DMX settings, after you select "Enable DMX Input", go to the "DMX Input Settings" tab and verify what you have set for the "Starting DMX Channel"? I think this should be the same number as your Sweetlight starting channel which looks like 236. I notice when I change the number up top the DMX Channel list numbers change in relation to what I change the "Starting DMX Channel" to.

    I am not 100% sure this is where your issue is and I will forward this to someone more familiar with DMX but I wanted to verify this also. :D
  3. rinyassink

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    Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for your answer.

    The start dmx channel in Sweetlight is 236 and the start Channel in Quickshow is also 236. So this is must be oke.
    I see the DMX channel-activity in the DMX-monitor of Quickshow and the pagechanges works well. So the communication between Sweetlight and Quickshow looks oke.

    I hope you can forward this problem to somebody who's more familiar with DMX.

    With kindly regards from the Netherlands.

    Riny Assink
  4. rinyassink

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    This thread can be closed.

    Frances van Loon did a great job, he solved my problem.

    Thanks Francesco
  5. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Awesome; Francesco was who I forwarded your email to. :D If you don't mind; can you pot the resolution in case others have the same issue?
  6. rinyassink

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    Hi Aaron,

    Was it you, who send the mail? I did not know that. Thanks for it.

    The solution was simple. It was a problem with the software. A newer update solved the problem. I was working with an older version. The way a was sending the DMX signals were ok. I thought there was something wrong.

    Thanks for the help.

    With kindly regards from a happy Netherlands.