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  1. wroberts

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    Noticed on our new install of LD2000 there is a DMX in to control live.
    -:Whats the pin out for the DMX-in cable?
    -:How do control Live?
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Wayne,

    The very latest LD2000 systems shipping from Pangolin actually come with a double-ended cable. There is a female connector for DMX-In, and a male connector for DMX-Out/Through.

    If you have an older connector, you just make an adapter for your existing DMX connector on the QM2000. You just connect pin 1 to pin 1, pin 2 to pin 2, and pin 3 to pin 3. As for the channel assignment in Live, it is:

    1: AccessControl (this channel must be greater than 32 in order to enable laser output. This is for safety.)
    2: Page
    3: Cue
    4: Speed (also has a PAUSE function)
    5: Brightness
    6: Zoom (otherwise known as Size)
    7: X Position
    8: Y Position

    You can control the starting channel in the DMX Setup dialog box.

    With LivePRO you can make up your own channel assignment.

    If you are not running LD2000 version 4.08, I recommend you download it. There were some tweaks and improvements made specifically to DMX Input.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Hello Bill,

    whats about the DMX terminator resistor at the QM2000 boards?

    Do you have removed this from new boards (From wich S/N# on?) so there must connect an external terminator?

    Or is it still on the board and to complain to the DMX standard only in or out should be used?

    Thanks Bernd

  4. Pangolin

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    There is no "new" terminator issue. Terminator issues that have always been there are still there. And terminator issues that were never there, are still not there...

    For those who don't understand this, let me give some more information. DMX-512 is a serial transmission line that operates at relatively high speed (250 kbps). Because of this, there are "transmission line effects" that may come in to play, such as ringing and overshoot. These transmission line effects may corrupt data transmission, especially if the line is longer than around 30 feet (almost always the case). To prevent transmission line effects from corrupting data transmission, the transmission line must be "terminated" on the end -- that is, a 120 ohm resistor needs to be placed at the end of the transmission line.

    If LD2000 (or any other lighting console) is SENDING DMX-512, then the terminator resistor needs to be placed at the far end of the transmission line (at the laser projector or lighting device).

    If LD2000 is RECEIVING DMX-512 -- AND -- if LD2000 is the last device on the end of a transmission line, then the terminator resistor needs to be placed where LD2000 is. This is one reason why we started supplying a double-ended DMX-512 cable (cable that has both male and female connectors).

    In any event, you only need to remember that you always need to terminate a DMX-512 transmission line at the far end, whatever that "far end" is... You get a terminator at your friendly neighborhood DMX-512 store...

    Best regards,

    William Benner