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    I have attempted to search this subject in the forum and cannot find an answer, so I am starting this new post in the hopes that someone has done this before...

    I see that QS has an input DMX option for control through an Entec or other USB to DMX adapter. This is a great feature, and I am wondering something for a specific setup that I have.

    I am running Lightjocky on a computer with a Martin DMX dongle AND running QS on the same computer. This hasn't been an issue with the computer's resources and both programs run smoothly. Is there any way that I can link the two together without an extra dongle? Something like a virtual or DMX emulation input within the computer itself? Seems a little silly to have two DMX dongles on a single computer just to loop out of one and right back into the other when it's on the same computer.

    Don't get me wrong - if the only solution is to in fact have two dongles, this would work, just doesn't seem elegant from a programming standpoint.

    Thanks in advance for any help... and maybe this would just be a feature request for a future version...
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    No way to achieve a local connection without an additional Enttec USB pro?

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