dmx out don't work:-(

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  1. carlettodj

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    Hi @ all please help me!!!

    I have a problem with dmx enttec interface and quickshow.

    I had install all drivers and software of enttec usb interface and with her software (entttec dmx programm software) all works well.

    So when I open quickshow, and I goes on hardware setting it reconize an enttec pro usb/dmx by COM 3 but when I open quick dmx nothing command goes to light :_(

    For me it's very important to drive fog machine scanners and par syncro with a show and quickshow allow to do this.
    I had also download the latest version of quickshow and enntec drivers but nothing gone...

    Please help me I have a big event on 2th of july and I must programming a lot of hour of show .

    Thanks Carlo
  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    Hi Carlo

    here's what I do.

    "Settings" menu / DMX settings. In "General", I "Enable DMX output" and select the relevant port. I then switch to the "DMX Output Settings" tab and set my channel count.

    Go back to the "General" tab. Hit "Test Connection". What happens?

    If that works, close the dialog with "OK".

    Select a blank cue and the "Quick DMX" tab at the bottom. In the slider view, manipulate some sliders (what you set them to will depend on what's mapped to that address, of course). Press the "Show it now" button above the preview window to the right of the sliders. See anything?

    If not, that's odd. You then need to test your Enttec box using the diagnostic tools that come with the interface (called "PRO Utility" I think). This will let you see if you can send or receive data without Quickshow getting in the way. If it doesn't work, you may need a new box. Their tech support is quite good. If it does, then there may be a deeper problem so you need to email Pangolin tech supp. Don't wait for a reply here - it can take ages!

    Hope that helps.
  3. carlettodj

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    I have just mail to Pan hope solve this question soon .
    Thanks for your help
  4. smokeAndMirrors

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    Did you try the PRO Utility? Can you send DMX data using that?
  5. smokeAndMirrors

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  6. carlettodj

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    I solved my problem. The shop that I had sell me QS tell me that his usb dmx interface (no enttec) has a same enttec chip and sw and works great with QS. Unfortunally he tell me a lie!!! So I have just yesterday order by enttec website a usb pro interface.

    When I comeback home I watch your show I'm sure that it is great!!!!

    thanks for your help
  7. laservoodoo

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    this is very helpful as i had same problem . problem fixed thank you %)
  8. lasersedge

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    Enttec USB DMX Pro

    I recently purchased the new version, the Enttec DMX USB Pro version MK2 to use with QuickShow. It has dual DMX ports, plus a MIDI In/Out cable option. After some initial trouble with the USB cable that came with the device i was able to make it work just fine. Haven't tried the MIDI portion yet, but i like it.