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    i'm using sweetlight to control beyond with an enntec usb.
    i managed to create a code who can trigger quickfx in a sequential order :

    WaitForDmx 19
    SetFX 1,1
    WaitForDmx 19
    StopFX // One or more layers. 0 stop. Effect 1..100
    SetFX 1,2
    WaitforDmx 30

    it work fine, but nor very usefull. So here's what i want to do, and i'm not sure it's possible. I want to get the value of a dmx channel and according to that value trigger a specific FX
    for example, if dmx channel 30 value is set to 1, trigger fx 1,1
    if dmx channel value is 2, setfx 1,2
    and so on...
    But i can't manage to find the command for that, i hope you guys can help me.
    F. Delon
  2. fdelon

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    nevermind guys i got it to work, i'm sry i can't share the solution for professionnal reason.
    But it work, and it's not that complex !
    i'm sry bob i'm a bit sad but i have to delete the answer...
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    I love that you gave your own answer :)

    But really .. Not much people tell more than, "I got it to work"..
    I really like that you share the solution with us!.
  4. Francesco van Loon

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    If some other users are still interested in this function here is an example script:
    FXClick 1,extvalue(0,100)
    You can trigger by example FX #2 from Layer #1 by the following command:
    FXClick 1,2
    Now we replace in above script the value "2" to "extvalue(0,100)" and we get
    FXClick 1,extvalue(0,100)
    "extvalue(0,100)" will look at the range of the DMX channel (0..255) and map this to the value (0..100) what means now that the DMX channel now controls FX #1..100.
    If you only want to control only the first 25 FX you can use "extvalue(0,25)"

    Now we need to place this script in the right place of Beyond.
    Go to Settings --> DMX --> DMX / Artnet to PangoScript Settings.
    Here select your DMX channel, by example Channel 1 and double click on Script.
    Here you need to add the script that is mentioned above.
    Now DMX channel 1 will control FX 1..100 from Layer 1

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