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    I am trying to control Beyond 4.0 advanced with my Showtec Creator 1024 Pro light table.
    In order to do that I have just bought an ENTTEC DMX USB Pro
    I have created a 16 channel fixture profile and loaded that into the light table.
    In the dmx settings I have enabled dmx in and use the fb3 style dmx
    That seems to work fine,but I can control only one cue at one time.
    So not very flexible
    (I want to make chases between conventinal led light and five lasers with each an fb3)

    So I went and setup the DMX server, and configured two zones but I cannot get this to work.
    The zone previews show ‘Time Out’

    After reading I think this is not possible with my setup and you need ArtNet for this.
    I hope I am incorrect
    Is it possible to control individual zones with the enttec dmx usb pro?

    Thanks in advanced

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    Hi Bob, Thanks for the link. Now I finally have the time to test, but the link seems to be offline.
    Do you have the current link?


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    Never mind. Found a working link which let me to the document in a Youtube video. :)
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    It did not facilitate the solution, but it provided the link where I found the beyond-dmx-server-mapping-16-32-50.pdf again

    Can you help me to get this going?
    I have created a 32 channel dmx profile
    Loaded it into the showtec creator (not ARTNET capable)
    I added a fixture on channel 352
    I have setup the DMX server in Beyond, I have the enttec dmx as an input.
    I can see in the Beyond DMX monitor the values changingwhen I move sliders on the creator light table
    So the table and Beyond are connected.
    I went to the projection zone and in the advanced tab -> dms server section I selected the mid size profile and set the channel to 352
    It does not work, so I must misunderstand how this works.
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    Hi Ramon,

    Lets jump back to beginning. BEYOND has 3 separate logical blocks for serving DMX Input,.

    1. DMX Settings, FB3-like 16 channel profiles. This fetaure exists from QuickShow times and stay there for compatibility reasons. BEYOND should be able to do same what QS can. Simple :)

    2. DMX to PangoScript tables, DMX driven effects, using DMX in Channels, etc. DMX data might be used in multiple places... and this is not really related to DMX Server, or to simple QS style DMX IN (#1 above)

    3. DMX server. Completely independent. i would recommend to read PDF files "DMX Sever", it comes with BEYOND and located in Help Files. Main idea - eah zone may work as independent "fixture". Settings must be done in Projection Zone setting. Input signal - ArtNet only. BEYOND store all 256 ArtNET universe, and it should be enough. In fact,. DMX Server indeed may need many channels, So 4 IN, 4 OUT used for scripts, effects, etc, and ArtNET for DMX server.

    Diagnostic - ensure you see incoming ArtNET (!) in DMX Monitor. Second - Projection Zone must have corresponding setting (start address, universe, profile.Third - DMX IN button must be pressed. This safety feature. It allows to enable/disable DMX server. And finally - artnet stream must present because BEYOND block DMX server by timeout.

    So, sometimes users does not pay attention to DMX IN button. Your description is pretty complete, but missing DMX IN button. My guess might be related.
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    Hi Enot,

    I had enabled the DMX IN button.
    The showtec creator 1024 PRO which I have does not support ARTNET so I misunderstood the DMX Server part, and cannot use it. :-(
    Why is Artnet needed? Seems (to me) logical to let the zone (also) be controlled by DMX

    I am going to check out the DMX to PangoScript possibilities if that is fun to use. :)