DMX trigger doesn't respect multizone cue

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  1. This is the situation:
    I am driving 3 FB3s from a single quickshow, I need to run a separate animation to each of the FB3s simultaneously.
    I made 3 cues each routed to a separate zone and each zone is routed to each projector, I then activated multicue mode (3 per grid) activated my 3 cues and then dragged the preview to a new cue.
    This cue runs perfectly the way I wanted it, when I trigger it by keyboard or mouse in my quickshow workspace (the way I want it, is: I have a different animation on each of my projectors).
    I then needed to trigger this by DMX so I configured my Enttec USB DMX Pro, configured it and patched it into my desk, I set up my access to 4 channel mode, went to the right page and cue, and surprise all the animations come out of projector 1, they don't go each to one projector as they are supposed to, I have checked everything and haven't found a solution.
    My only possible conclusion is that DMX trigger doesn't respect the zones each animation was assigned to.
    Can anybody share any experience on this issue??
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    im think have 3 Fb3+1enttec play the cue 1 with proietor1....cue 5 at proiector 2...cue 33 at proiector3..but dmx is the cue number 4 and it play at "proiector4" and it is Enttec,insert 4 cue(4 per grid or more) i have one proiector and one enttec,and i have one same you i have 2 FB3 how is possible separate the cue(cue 1 at proiecor 1 and cue 34 at proiector 2 ) ??