Dongle flashes red...Please HELP...

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    Very new. Installed software. Re-pointed driver to QS directory as instructed when software first launched. Dongle flashes green. Then when software launches, changes to yellow. When I attempt to enable laser output it changes to red.

    What am I doing wrong. Need help please. Thanks in advance.

    Supplemental: OK, can now display images although dongle still flashes red when enabling output. However, when i use quick text, it get projected BACKWARDS...

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    Hi Marcos, Can't help on the red light but you can flip the X axis in one or the Projector Setup menus to make the text appear correct. My laser was the same

  3. smokeAndMirrors

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    The answer is: you are doing nothing wrong. The LED status patterns are in the manual, and if you look you will see that the blinking red is a warning that laser output is enabled :)
  4. Pangolin

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    Yes, to re-cap a few things:

    GREEN = Power is applied to the FB3 via USB cable)
    SOLID YELLOW = FB3 is being accessed by some of our software, including QS
    SOLID RED = Laser Output is enabled in the software but nothing is being sent to the laser
    FLASHING RED = Laser Output is enabled and imagery is being sent. (This is like the "Laser Emission Indicator" as required by the US Government.)

    We've never heard of "Flashing Green". It could be that you had a loose connection with the USB cable or so.

    Also, "Flashing Yellow" means that the date on your computer is set incorrectly.

    Please let us know if you need anything else, and for direct assistance by telephone, you can call the office nearly 24 hours per day and nearly 7 days per week at +1-407-299-2088.

    Best regards,

    William Benner