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    I'm sure this is on here somewhere...but I couldnt find it. I cant seem to make a show work. It unzips but when I try and load it...the music isnt there. Any ideas...i bet this is really simple and I'm just a bit slooooooowwwww. Tks!
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    It's very simple.

    It will help to use the 'search' funtion on the forums. ;)
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    I got some audio to play with the laser show!!!!!!

    Watch the video help concerning Quick Timeline.

    First...find and unzip a show with audio included...for example the show "I Like To Move It"...or have your own mp3, wave etc file on your computer.

    Load that Animation onto a cue.

    At the bottom of QS workspace...look for Timeline tab.

    It will open up a workspace along the bottom.

    Drag a cue square with animation onto the timeline with the 1 next to it.
    On the left-hand site of the timeline workspace...look for a tab called MENU Click once on that and it will open up a requester

    Go to the top and click on "Set Audio File" (Another way is to click on the disk symbol on right side menu with play button on it) This opens up a requester to find and select your audio file...wait for it...takes a LONG time to load!

    You will finally see the waveform of your audio file along the top of the timeline box You can grab and stretch your cue to go as long as your wave file. Or...multiple cues to go with the music...

    Hit the play button and you should be playing music and Hopefully see the animation!

    When you hear music and see the anim playing in the box to the right of Timeline on "Show It Now" on top of that anim and will show in regular showspace and probably out to projector.

    Give it a try and play with it...If this helps just one person...My work here is done.

    Another hurdle falls!:cool:

    I am a total newbie here and with QS...but I believe in answering a question asked. search function only works if you know what words you are looking for.
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    Good post.
    Unfortunately the question asked was "Where's the music file?" not "How do I get the music to play".
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    Can't Get Show to work

    Ah...I May have misunderstood:

    I too had this problem...Until I read an unrelated post where someone talked about Timeline and Audio. any case...I hope my post may help someone...:cool:

    And when I had the problem...I tried the search feature and failed to find an answer to MY problem.
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    The problem with the music is that music on it self is copyright protected.

    Pangolin can't distribute the music. If they do include the music in the zip, they have bought the rights to this music to distribute it.

    Most of the time, a zip file contains a .txt file with the name of the song and the artist.

    Normally you need to require the copyrights of the songs your self, by finding it on amazon for example. Its almost impossible to require worldwide distribution licenses for music, so this is something Pangolin can't do.