EC Problems in Win 7 related to nVidia

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    If you , as I am, running Win 7 on a Macbook ( Pro ) , then you may encounter issues related to EC errors. Windows will stop and hang and the only thing to do is to reboot the system. This is especially so for those using Bootcamp on a Mac to run Win 7.

    After having encountered this myself while loading different shows into Showtime, I have been digging through the Apple forums to find a solution.
    The there proposed solution would b to use some user altered .INF file to address the issue.

    I'd advise you to just go to the nVidia website and download the latest driver set for your Win 7 installation. The most current would be version 3xx .

    The nVidia driverset that has these issues ( for whatever reason ) was the 197 version of the GT300M drivers.

    I have to do further testing to see if this fixed all issues I was seeing lately with my MBP and will post followup messages to this thread if any new issues have arisen. If you find anything similar, please post here.

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    Thanks for pointing this out Peter!

    Also, to give more information, Peter contacted us earlier today and reported crashes while running LD2000 on Windows 7 and Mac Book Pro.

    LD2000 is 12-year-old software, and is really stable. In general, the only bugs present should be really tiny and even hard to find. There should be no major problems experienced while running LD2000, and if you have such a problem, please examine your setup or try the experiment on a different computer.

    In the case of Peter, he discovered that it was a video driver that was causing the crashes. That's really strange, and we've never seen this before.

    We thank Peter for pointing this out since for sure, other people are also using Mac Book Pro.

    For what it's worth, both Peter and I have the 17-inch Mac Book Pro. Most people have a 15-inch version. I am not sure if there is a difference, but that is another thing to keep in mind!

    Best regards,

    William Benner