Editing frames in advanced editor hotpoints

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    ok so you draw something with a bunch of basic lines curves etc and use it to make a shape. How do you weld the ends of the line to each other so that you don’t get a hotpoint from the segment overlap? Same issue with closing a shape like a circle. Yes I know use circle tool but what if you have to weld the ends?

    My only solution so far is to make one of the points a blanked point but the laser still double dwell at that location. So still a hotpoint. So can you weld ends like in a 3d program? Bezier and spline type stuff.

    I even tried export to gif then trace but that’s a pain.
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    Did you already try to use the functions in the point menu to remove density and rebuild the path?

    Screenshot 2019-07-09 at 10.20.05.png